Sports Medicine/ Orthopedics

Manhattan Sports Medicine provides a personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach to physical and sports medicine and rehabilitation.  We restore function, promote healing, and alleviate pain from a wide variety of acute injuries and chronic conditions through physiatry, a specialty focused on musculoskeletal injuries.  From relatively minor injuries to chronic pain and impairment, we customize treatment programs to your precise condition, needs and goals.

Every individual has athletic potential, so we are not limited only to sports injuries.  Life is very active in New York City, and we help all ages and abilities recover from the injuries that can result.  Our tailored medical programs treat numerous musculoskeletal conditions—work-related, chronic and more.

Our one-on-one approach begins with an expert evaluation and diagnosis from Board-certified doctors of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Our physicians know how to get to the root of an injury and develop customized, non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation programs for every patient’s needs.

Our expert physical therapists offer a range of goal-oriented programs with a whole-body framework in mind.