After the heel and ball of the foot, the toes are first to absorb the shock of every step you take.  Add to this their function in providing balance, support and thrust as you run, jump, climb or just walk down the street—all while compressed into a shoe which may severely constrain their natural range of motion—and it's easy to see why toe problems are so common.  The good news is that most of these problems are easily corrected with early identification and prompt treatment.

Bunions are a common problem that most people experience as a bony protuberance at the base of the big toe.

Morton's Neuroma
A Morton's Neuroma, (also called a Morton's toe), is a condition that causes pain in the foot due to a swelling of one of the small nerves there.

Ingrown Toenail
This condition usually results when pressure from improper footwear, combined with improper care of the toenails, leads to hypertrophy (or overgrowth) of the soft tissue at the side of the nail, causing increasing pain as it impinges ever harder against the nail.

Hammer Toe, Mallet Toe & Claw Toe
The hammer toe, claw toe, and mallet toe deformities are conditions most often due to compressive footwear.

Turf Toe
Turf toe is an injury to the base of the big toe.  This condition is often caused by running or jumping on hard surfaces such as artificial turf.

Great Toe Arthritis & Bone Spurs
Arthritis and bone spurs of the big toe, a condition called hallux rigidus, is the most common form of foot arthritis.  Treatment of hallux rigidus may include surgery.