Stephanie R. – NYC

Dear Dr. Kolin,

I have been meaning to write to you for quite a while to say thank you. I have been seeing Drs. Straface and Foster, and occasionally Dr. Adams, for a few months now, and I have never felt as healthy or as safe in my own body. Dr. Terzian, too-with whom I have had fewer sessions-has helped and is helping me immeasurably. (I also met with Dr. Reale for the first time today, and he is just wonderful!)

Working with Chris and Robert has, of course, helped with my pain and pain management, but they have done so much more for me. I feel a sense of hope and have a great deal of optimism whenever I see them, and I bring that feeling with me when I leave. They have helped me to find a confidence in myself that I thought was lost.

The gratitude I feel for each of these doctors-for Sasha, and Omar, and every other smiling face in your office-and for your practice as a whole honestly brings tears to my eyes. I must admit that I feel the most grateful for (and to) Dr. Straface, who has helped me to conquer many fears and once again feel safe in my own body.

So thank you again! A thousand times, thank you!!

PS: I expect to know everyone’s name soon enough. Each of them brings a little joy to my day when I see them.